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It goes without saying that I adore ever single one of my brides and the dresses that we have created however this dress really is quite special and it will hold a place in my heart forever.

Tasha initially visited me when I had my old shop on Queens road. It was very clear as soon as I met Tasha that she had a particular vision for her dress and that a ‘typical’ wedding dress wasn’t going to be right for her. Extremely fit and petite Tasha didn’t want her dress to swamp her but she also felt quite passionate about detailing and she didn’t want something plain. She showed me this beautiful image of a nude, boho style dress with white lace as her initial inspiration. I fell in love with her concept of mixing textures and playing around with soft nude tones.

I think for me one of the most important aspects of making someone their dream dress is understanding them wholeheartedly and the look they want to achieve. Another huge part of this process is trust and building a relationship between designer and bride so that we can have open conversations and work through the design concept together. Tasha and myself clicked from day one. She trusted me implicitly and I knew that the dress Tasha had in her head I could make a reality.

Sadly due to Covid and lockdown rules and restrictions Tasha had to delay her wedding by 2 years. Looking back I think this almost meant the dress ideas could develop slowly and naturally and ultimately aided in the jaw dropping result. Even though I couldn’t see Tasha during this time we would often exchange messages or phone calls about design ideas and how how were going to make her dress even more amazing.

Tashas dress in its plain form was designed and made by 29 Atelier, our main brand here at the studio. This was a plain tulle V Neck top with a nude fitted tulip skirt with an off white full circle, tulle overlay. From here I had the best blank canvas to begin to bring all our ideas to life. We had decided to enhance the colours by using two laces. One lace was a corded, quite intricate and bold nude lace. The other was a softer 3D floral lace with delicate beads and leaf detailing. At each fitting the lace placement developed and we mapped out exactly where we wanted each and every petal, leaf and flower. To give the dress depth we appliquéd some of the nude lace on the tulip skirt underneath and then some of the 3D lace to sit above this on the tulle. We embellished the back of the tulle train and bodice with a beautiful mixture of the two. Around 6 weeks before the wedding Tasha had mentioned to me about wanting to add a little more sparkle. With a background in dance I always knew Tasha loved ‘a bit of sparkle’ and this felt like a perfect addition to an already stunning dress. I showed Tasha some silver swarovski crystals that she fell in love with and these were added to the nude lace giving the whole dress a smattering of glitter and the dress was complete.

I was desperate to see the images of Tasha on her big day and they did not disappoint. What an absolutely incredible dress that I am incredibly proud of to have been a part of.

Here are some images of the process and the results of this beautiful bespoke dress.

Bespoke sketch

Wedding Day Images

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