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If you’ve been struggling to decipher between necklines, or just can’t find the most logical
place to kickstart the wedding dress journey, Noble & Wright’s curated edit of wedding
dress shopping top tips is the perfect place to start.

For many, the task of finding a wedding dress (and not just any wedding dress, the
wedding dress) is laced with a multitude of emotions. One can often start at ‘excited’ and
quickly descend into ‘overwhelmed’ within minutes of scrolling through Instagram or
trying to decide, without trying anything on, whether a scoop or illusion neckline will suit
you best. And, alongside all the other check boxes on your wedding to-do list (find a
venue, organise the caterers, persuade your partner that waist-height peonies are
essential for the aisle), it can all start to feel a little too much. Luckily for you, we’ve
tapped into our years of bridal expertise and condensed our knowledge into a highly
convenient, extremely useful list of wedding dress shopping top tips. From where to start
to time frames, who to bring and what to avoid, at Noble & Wright we’re here to make
your wedding dress journey as smooth as possible.

#1 Do your research!
Here at Noble & Wright, we’re an avid believer in the power of research (not to mention
the visual advantages of a mood board). Start the process by saving any images of
wedding dresses – or aspects of dresses – that catch your eye, before settling on a clear
budget. Not only will this rule certain boutiques and dress designers in or out, but it’ll help
to start narrow the search and make it more manageable (not to mention help to avoid
disappointment). To start with, aim to visit around three boutiques. We feel this is enough
to provide you with a variety of styles and experiences without overwhelming yourself.
Got a recommendation? It’s definitely worth taking note of!

#2 Be aware of the wedding dress timeline
As a standard rule of thumb we’d suggest starting the wedding dress search somewhere
ideally between 9-16 months in advance. At our Leicestershire bridal boutique, we can
accommodate shorter lead times than this, but fittings may be closer together (not to
mention closer to the wedding date itself). On the flip side we do have brides that start
the wedding dress journey two years ahead of their date. If this is the case you definitely
need to be confident in your choice as styles and pricing can change, so if you’re not
looking to commit we would definitely suggest waiting a little longer.

#3 Don’t let location dictate your boutique choice!
If you’ve got a specific bridal designer in mind, then your boutique choice will be limited
to their stockists. However, if this isn’t the case, we strongly believe that the key thing to
consider when choosing a boutique would be service and style. As boutique owners
ourselves, we recognise the importance of good service. With this in mind, don’t let those extra miles put you off if you’ve found a bridal studio that truly caters to your style and
vision. Here at Noble & Wright, we have brides travel to us from all over the country due
to the level of care and expertise we offer.

#4 Keep an open mind
It’s worth noting that bridal styles can take you by surprise and be more ‘you’ than you
ever realised. With years of experience under our belt, it’s our job to show you ideas and
open your eyes to all possibilities available. Time and time again, our brides end up with a
gown they would never have picked off the rail. Our biggest piece of advice here,
however, is to be true to yourself and really pay attention to how you feel in a dress.
People’s opinions can be helpful but always remember that it’s you who will be wearing
the dress and it’s you who has to feel amazing, no one else.

#5 Go with your gut!
We’re firm believers in having the dress you adore regardless of location but do
understand that comfort is key and, subsequently, that may include considering the
environment you’re looking to exchange vows in. Ultimately, however, the driving force
when selecting your dress should be, first and foremost, the way it makes you feel. If you
feel incredible it will suit most locations. We’ve never ever felt a dress looks out of place in
a venue. It’s worth remembering that your venue will be a reflection of your style, and
naturally, so will your dress.

#6 Stay true to your style
We’ve always felt that your wedding dress should reflect the best version of you. And, in
order for this to happen, you have to be true to yourself and what you love. In the past
some of the most amazing dresses we’ve created for brides have been based on a top
someone has at home or their favourite dress. There’s no doubt about it, your wardrobe is
a great place to start when it comes to considering necklines and silhouettes for your
wedding dress.

#7 Consider the finer points
From how many people to bring with you to the type of underwear to don (simple, plain
underwear and a strapless bra works best) it’s worth thinking every one of those finer
points through thoroughly before arriving at your first appointment. The amount of
appointments we’ve witnessed over the years has taught us that brides get far more out
of an appointment with fewer people attending. Really consider who you ask to come
and why you want them there, as people will give opinions willingly (and they may not
always be welcome). We’d suggest inviting two to three guests maximum. Remember,
there will be plenty of time to involve other guests at later fittings.

#8 Don’t forget to consider bespoke!
If you love lots of different aspects from various gowns but can’t find one that epitomises
them all, a bespoke or curating route might be the answer. As well as offering a bespoke
service here at Noble & Wright, we also offer changes and tweaks within the collection.
Sometimes it can be something as simple as making one little change to a design that
can switch it from not being the one to being absolutely perfect.

#9 Less is more
When it comes to bridal accessories, we feel less is definitely more. And, don’t forget to
contemplate all options. When it comes to shoes, our biggest advice here is to consider
designs outside of bridal shoe collections too. Some of the most amazing shoes we’ve
seen on brides have been in a colour or a print – a more ‘everyday’ type of shoe.

#10 Limited time frame? Panic not.
In the past at Noble & Wright, depending on the time of year and workload, we’ve
managed to turn dresses around within eight weeks and if we can accommodate that we
will always try to do so. However, there are always options. Consider looking at samples!
These can be an amazing option for brides with a limited time frame.

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